The name Gold Dollar was coined from 1849 to 1889 and during that 40-year period we saw the production of 3 different types of designs. This denomination also turned out to be the smallest gold coin ever created by the United States. The Coinage Act of 1849 included the production of the popularly known as the Double Eagle, but also of gold dollars. The reason for this act that led to the minting of these new gold coins was the famous California gold rush.

Today, many investors choose to invest in a Gold IRA, which is a retirement account that holds physical gold bullion, such as gold dollars. The government considered why not use this newly discovered gold as currency. This new gold dollar was designed by James B. Longacre and then minted and distributed in five different mints. These mints include Philadelphia, San Francisco, New Orleans and the lesser-known and short-lived gold-only mints from Charlotte and Dahlonega.

Just as the public complained that large coins were too heavy and difficult to transport, they also found flaws in small coins. The main reason for the changes in the design of the denomination of the golden dollar was the complaint that their small stature caused many people to mismanipulate them or simply lose them completely. On the contrary, many collectors today find it a lot of fun to buy or trade gold dollars. They are small, beautifully designed coins that, as a common and worn-out example, can be found for a few hundred dollars, but most methods of collecting, investing and selling can be extremely expensive.

Basically, all the gold dollars minted in C and D are oddities, just like the Philadelphia of 1875 and, of course, all the tests produced in Philadelphia as well. As expected, Mint State pieces are very scarce and valuable, but it's important to note that later editions are much more common and easier for collectors to write than earlier dates. Collectors should look for a premium lustre, an original yellow gold color and no signs of damage, such as scratches or even pieces that have been removed from the jewelry.